Our Mission
We strive to ALWAYS provide the best in class, on-time service to our valued customers, at affordable prices.

Core Business
Advance Automotive Towing specialises in 24/7 transport - on roll back trucks - of all makes of motor vehicles, power generator sets, bobcats and forklifts and any other loads of up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes.



General services
  - Contracted long haul recoveries
  - Special deliveries (small loads), e.g. generators, forklifts
  - General roadside assistance, e.g. jump start flat batteries, boost stranded vehicles
  - Customer drop off

Provinces covered
  - Gauteng
  - Mapumalanga
  - Limpopo
  - North West Province

Company detail
CC Registration Number : 2007/053805/23
VAT Registration number : 4480236233
Insurance : (Goods in Transit)

A full comprehensive insurance covering the vehicle(s) as well as the goods in-transit; against theft and/or accident.

BEE Complaint
Advance Automotive Towing is a 100% BEE compliant company.
A certified copy can be provided upon requested.

SATRA Approved & Registered

Only qualified and specially trained drivers are driving AA Towing’s trucks at all times.

A fleet of FUSO trucks.

Netstar fleet management & Tracking
All trucks are equipped with the very latest Fleet Support Management System from Netstar which will enable our Ops room and/or our customers to track the status of the vehicle via the internet at any point in time. This is very valuable especially on long haul recovery.

Contact Us:  E-mail      The very best 24/7 roadside assistance and recovery. We also design & build recovery equipment.